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Herman's Hideaway Dec. 2005 Slideshow

Founded in Castle Rock, Colorado, Tributary is a modern rock band with deep roots in classic rock, blues, and progressive rock. The band consists of Seth Alison on vocals, piano, organ, and synth; Dave Killian on vocals and lead guitar; Stix Dancing Feather on drums and percussion; and Chris Norris on bass guitar. Our collective desire is to offer you a story with our music and carry you on a journey through dreams and waking life. In conveying this sense of motion, we have a natural affinity to write epic songs that include many styles, dynamic changes, and improvisations. Like the tributary that sources a larger flow, we offer you the blending of our diverse musical personalities that we hope will interest and inspire you.


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We are now finally finishing our CD, Reflections.  We are currently writing new material and will be scheduling more upcoming show soon!

Keep posted!!!

Check us out on GarageBand, where our song "Reflections" is on the chart:

The band has set up a page on This is a great way to communicate with us, and we look forward to seeing you on the site!